Urban Design

New Town Services is dedicated to creating functional and aesthetically pleasing communities. Our projects are crafted in a way that suits the context of the existing landscape while creating desirable settlements.

Our approach to sustainability is based on creating an excellent built environment utilizing the complete community model. Above all, we maintain that a livable community should exceed expectations through excellence in urban design.

Hillside Plaza

Goats Peak Village Design

Civic Centre Superblock

Arrowleaf Village Plan

Long Range Planning

We have been fortunate to be involved in many long range planning exercises throughout the years and have watched settlements evolve through this forethought. Our experience with the development industry allows us to provide valuable insight at the beginning of a master planning project that helps ensure market based implementation of the long range vision.

New Town has established itself as the premier company for master planning in the Okanagan Valley and beyond. We recognize that the coordination of multiple stakeholders is a key aspect of long range planning and take pride in our proven ability to involve various proponents through all stages of the project.

Raymer CDP

Vicarro Ranch Master Plan

Ponderosa Master Plan

Arrowleaf Master Plan

Current Planning

The layered development approval process can be a complex and intimidating venture for many. New Town offers professional services as the “Applicant’s Agent” throughout this undertaking. We coordinate with local governments, provincial authorities, consultants, and engage the general public to see your project through to the final adoption.

As a full service agency with decades of experience, we can assist with all aspects of land approvals, from Community Planning and Zoning amendments through to Development Permits, and Subdivisions.

West Bay Resort

West Harbour

Glen Eagles Subdivision (Crystal View) Subdivision Phase I

Dehart Zoning