The New Town Team

We are a dynamic team of professionals dedicated to serving private and public sector clients in the fields of land use planning, master-planning, urban design and building design. We offer creative, market-sensitive solutions to bring real estate development and policy initiatives to fruition through the facilitation of land use approvals, permits or amendments.

New Town prides itself on a highly skilled and collaborative working team. Our employees offer a diversity of skills to ensure a project is innovative in design, and stays on track at every milestone. We also maintain professional affiliations with other development consultants to ensure our clients receive a full-service package.

Our company thrives on challenges. Our specializations with hillside development, brownfield sites, and multi-stakeholder planning establish us at the cutting edge of modern development. To be successful in land development, you need a consultant that is both a visionary and technical specialist to ensure your project becomes a tangible reality.

New Town Services Office